Chattanooga First

Seventh-day Adventist Church

Homeschool Ministry

Foundations of Faith Homeschool Ministry (FFHM) has a passion for homeschool families and ministry. Our desire is to provide an outlet for each individual family and to counteract isolation through fellowship, events and ministry opportunities. Through Biblical principles and perspectives, we seek to unite families and enhance their homeschooling experience with affordable, quality, fun-filled learning through group workshops, activities, fellowship and service.  

FFHM offers two levels of membership. The first level is for basic membership and gives a full year’s access to our field trip (group rates), ministry opportunities and special events calendar. The second level includes twelve total ‘class’ days each school year (six in the Fall and six in the Spring). These ‘classes’ are taught as a cooperative where the parent or other responsible adult are on the premises teaching or helping in one area or another at all times.  ‘Class’ days include group worship led by the youth, class time learning about the world around us or other electives, and organized play time.  We also offer a Pre-K and Nursery for the younger children to attend. 

Young families whose children are not yet school age are welcome to join us and participate in activities, even if they do not plan to homeschool.  

For the 2016/2017 year we have visited Tennessee Aquarium, explored a hand dug railroad at Tunnell Hill, visited Tri-Community Fire Department, explored Russell Cave National Monument, caroled and handed out Christmas cards at Greenbriar Cove, attended an animal program at Harrison Bay State Park, played at Hidden Hills and explored Tellus Science Museum.

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